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What is SMART?

The University of New Mexico is committed to maintaining a campus environment that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a form of sexual harassment and will not be tolerated. Sexual assault/harassment can cause tremendous distress and greatly impact the life of a victim. To ensure that the best, most effective services and processes for handling sexual assault on our campus are available, UNM has created a Sexual Misconduct and Assault Response Team (SMART).

SMART, or Sexual Misconduct and Assault Response Team, is part of the university's overall efforts to reduce sexual violence on campus. It is a victim centered, victim controlled coordinated response team composed of community and university organizations to quickly respond to cases of sexual violence while providing appropriate services to all parties involved. SMART responders make services for victims a priority. Victims of sexual assault may choose to activate one, or all, components of the response team: medical, counseling, law enforcement, and/or the student conduct process.